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The Skinsmart 5 steps

The Skinsmart “5 steps” is a guide developed by Dr Naidoo to direct patients to the most effective order in which to apply skincare products. Read More

1. Cleanse & Tone

Cleanse the skin of impurities, gently remove dead skin cells and restore the skin’s PH balance.

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2. Prevent

Prevent damage caused by oxygen free-radicals; slow the process of photo-ageing, and reduce skin cancer risk.

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3. Treat

Repair existing damage, promote cell turnover, inhibit melanogenesis and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

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4. Hydrate

Nourish and restore natural moisturising factors for a healthy, radiant skin.

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5. Protect

Effectively protect against ageing, pigmentation and skin cancers.

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