Avène Akérat 30 Cream

Avene Akerat 30 Cream

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Avène Akérat 30 Cream has been especially formulated to respond, in a targeted way, to the care of the skins with keratosic and squamous tendencies.

– Rich in Avène Spring Thermal Water, it restores all its alleviating and anti-irritating properties.
– The association reinforced in hydrating, emollient and kerato-reducing agents enables to make skin flexible again while compensating for the cutaneous dryness, by eliminating the unaesthetic squamous and reducing the thickened areas of the cornea layer.

Body: Apply Akerat once to twice a day in a soft massage like motion, to the localised areas/zones.

Scalp: can be used on dry and non-washed scalp. Apply using the nozzle-tip, let it work for several hours, all night long if possible. Rinse and proceed to the shampoo.

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