RITES Foam Fighter - Cleanser

RITES Foam Fighter – Cleanser

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The RITES Foam Fighter is a daily foaming cleanser for gentle yet effective cleansing to remove impurities, surface oil and make-up. It is antibacterial and non-comedogenic. - Gentle yet effective cleansing. - Removes make up and excess oil. - Dry up existing acne and prevent future breakouts. - Calming and soothing. - Antibacterial. - Cruelty Free | Animal Friendly

Aloe Vera a very popular skin treatment used to reduce acne and infection. Aloe Vera is an anti-inflammatory that speeds up the process of healing which is ideal for spots and blemishes, especially on teenage skin.

Willow Bark Extract is used for its astringent, anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities. It helps to shed dead skin cells while clearing pores, keeping your skin squeaky clean.

Tea Tree has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties to help fight acne and improve the condition of your skin.

Plantago reduces skin inflammation and Berberis aquifolium has been shown to be effective in the treatment of pimples and acne.

There you have it! All our major ingredients combined together to create one instant foam acne fighter.

Gently rub one to two pumps of foam into your face with clean hands. Rinse off with warm water.

- Keep out of reach of children.

- Discontinue use if sensitivity to any ingredients occurs.

- Store at or below 25°C, out of direct sunlight.

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