SkinCeuticals Equalizing Toner

SkinCeuticals Equalizing Toner

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SkinCeuticals Equalizing Toner is an alcohol-free product formulated for all skin types and helps balance, refresh, and restore the skin’s protective pH mantle while removing surface residue. Hydroxy acids help exfoliate dead skin cells while botanical extracts of witch hazel, rosemary, aloe and chamomile soften, soothe and tone the skin. This fragrance-free, oil-free toner has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Recommended for these concerns:
Pigmentation / Brown marks / uneven skin tone, Sun spots, post acne marks/ blemishes, Early Ageing – fine lines and wrinkles, Mature / Sun damaged skin

Active Ingredient:
2% AHA – glycolic, citric, malic, tartaric, lactic acids, Witch Hazel extract, Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Rosemary extract, Thyme

Suitable for:
Male / Female

When to use it:
Morning or evening

Application Area:
Face, neck, dẻcolletage


Twice daily, apply the toner to a cotton wool ball after cleansing, and smooth over the face, neck and dẻcolletage. Follow with appropriate antioxidant, treatment or moisturiser.


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