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The Skinsmart 5 Steps

THE SKINSMART 5 STEPS is a guide developed by Dr Naidoo to direct patients to the most effective order in which to apply skincare products. Dr Naidoo has found that patients at her practice value a personal step-by-step note, especially if using more than two skincare products, and when the regimen includes different steps in the morning and evening.

Your product recommendations will depend on your skin type and skin concern.
Please take note of the following:
• Not everyone will require a product for each step at each time of day
• Steps 2, 3 and 4 may require different products in the morning and evening or rarely more than one product at each time
• Many of the high quality products sold on Skinsmart have ingredients that may be effective for more than one step in the 5 step process.
• Our high quality anti-ageing serums in step 2 overlap as treatments (step 3) and may even offer sufficient hydration(step 4) for certain skin types.
• Moisturisers in step 4 may have a combination of ingredients allowing certain products to act as treatments.
• Some moisturisers contain high SPF sunscreen which may be sufficient for daily wear in winter, or if you are mainly in an indoor environment, and spend minimal time driving to work.
• Prescription treatment for conditions such as acne and pigmentation may be slotted into step 3.

The Skin Assessment recommendations are displayed in terms of these 5 steps:

Step 1: Cleanse and tone
Cleanse the skin of impurities, gently remove dead skin cells and restore the skin’s PH balance.
Cleansing and toning prepares the skin for a follow-up skincare regimen.
Dr Naidoo recommends cleansing the skin twice a day i.e. in the mornings and in the evenings before bed.
There are few toners in our recommended product ranges, as most of our face washes have exfoliating ingredients to effectively remove surface impurities and dead skin cells.

Step 2: Prevent
Prevent damage caused by oxygen-free radicals; slow the process of photo-ageing, and reduce skin cancer risk.
Antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E are the primary ingredients in the products found in this step.
Antioxidants help prevent DNA damage caused by sun exposure.
Dr Naidoo excludes this step from the teenager skin assessment results.

Step 3: Treat
Target specific concerns.
Repair existing damage and promote cell turnover.
Inhibit melanogenesis and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.
The products in this step provide intensive treatment for specific concerns, such as acne, pigmentation and ageing.
These treatment products are usually applied to the skin at night before your moisturiser.
There are some that need to be applied in the mornings or twice daily.
Please refer to the instructions for each individual product.

Step 4: Hydrate
Nourish and restore natural moisturising factors for a healthy, radiant skin.
Moisturisers or emollients hydrate the skin, restore natural moisturising factors and repair defective barrier function.
Depending on your preference, you may use the same moisturiser in the mornings and evenings or choose different products.
Day moisturisers are, in general, lighter in texture and may contain sunscreen while night moisturisers may be richer formulations with higher concentrations of active ingredients.

Step 5:Protect
Effectively protect against ageing, pigmentation and skin cancers.
Photo ageing results from progressive sun exposure over time.Sunscreen is your most important anti-ageing product.
Sunscreens help protect the skin from DNA damage and in this way reduce the incidence of skin cancers.
These products slow the development of fine lines, wrinkles and sunspots and are essential in the management of pigmentation.
Sunscreen should be applied in the mornings at least 15-30 min before sun exposure and reapplied during the course of the day as needed.
Makeup should be applied over your sunscreen.
Skinsmart offers tinted sunscreen compacts making it easy for women to reapply sunscreen during the course of the day.
There are numerous products that combine sunscreen and a moisturiser for ease of application.
It is important to note that the sunscreen in your moisturiser is not always enough and additional sunscreen needs to be applied.
An instruction note will be included with your order, and our trained therapist can assist with any queries to ensure the most effective use of your products.

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