Isdin Fotoprotector Transparent Spray SPF 50

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ISDIN Fotoprotector® Transparent Spray Wet Skin is a unique and revolutionary water-friendly sunscreen. It can be applied directly to wet or dry skin without the white emulsion effect derived from oils found in most sunblocks. This oil-free and water resistant product offers broad spectrum sun protection for all skin types.Wetflex Technology contains a polymer that makes the photoprotector not only water-soluble but also waterproof. Even when the skin dries the SPF maintains its effectiveness and protection factor. Contains Organomineral filters with a very high factor SPF 50+. UVA protection is according to the International Colipa Standards. Allergy tested and can be used on sensitive skin. Unique, easy to apply, hard-to-reach areas due to its 360° valve that releases an even, continuous spray and works in any position, even upside down.

Apply to sun-exposed areas of the body, either wet or dry skin at least half an hour before sun exposure.
Re-apply every 2 hours or after sweating, swimming or drying with a towel.
Excessive sun exposure can be harmful to your health. Avoid sun exposure during the hottest times of the day when UV radiation is at its peak.

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