ISDIN Eryfotona AK-NMSC Fluid 50ml

ISDIN Eryfotona AK-NMSC – 50ml

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The Isdin Eryfotona is indicated for the prevention and adjuvant treatment of actinic keratosis and other forms of non-melanoma skin cancer caused by UV-induced DNA damage. It contains DNA Repairsomes™ (Photolyase enzyme) encapsulated in liposomes for effective, fast delivery into the skin where it assists in repairing DNA mutations caused by UV rays. It protects the skin against the damaging effects of the sun with its very high UV protection with SPF100+. Eryfotona is clinically proven to visibly reduce AK lesions and prevent their return. It's fluid texture allows for easy spreadability and immediate absorption. This provides comfort of use and allows for small amounts of the product needed per application, making the product last for a long time.

UVA and UVB filters, Photolyase (DNA Repairsomes™)

Shake before applying to ensure maximum fluidity for rapid absorption.
Apply the sunscreen evenly and liberally at least half an hour before sun exposure.
Apply twice a day to exposed areas, morning and noon. In case of sun exposure, apply half an hour before on dry skin.
In patients receiving pharmacological treatment or surgery for actinic keratosis and other forms of non-melanoma skin cancer, treatment should be started as soon as the lesions are closed.

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