Isdin UV Mineral brush 50+ 2g

Isdin UV Mineral Brush SPF 50+

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The Isdin Fotoprotector UV Mineral brush is an on-the-go facial sunscreen by brush that offers high UVA and UVB protection as well as protection against blue light and an anti-pollution effect to prevent wrinkles and pigmentation. It delivers an even layer of mineral powder for breathable coverage and natural appearance with a mattifying effect and visible reduction in pores and wrinkles. It is suitable for all skin tones. It is portable, easy to use, convenient to apply anywhere and over makeup. Can be used on sensitive skin, is non-comedogenic and biodegradable.

  • 100% Mineral filters, light reflectors, pollution neutralizer
  • Powder that delivers an even layer of breathable coverage and natural appearance with a mattifying effect that adapts to all skin tones.

1. Lower the transparent protector, remove the rubber and apply the brush on the hand in circular movements until the minerals begin to flow.
Tip: Before applying to the face, give two small touches of the brush on the back of the hand to avoid excess.
2. Apply the brush in circular movements to guarantee the correct product release...
3. Slide the brush generously and evenly over the entire face and exposed areas (neck, neckline and back of the hands).
4. Apply the product on dry skin prior to sun exposure and reapply as many times as necessary, at least every 2 hours.
Do not get the brush wet, as the dust could get wet.

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