Neostrata Skin Active Exfoliating Wash

Neostrata Skin Active Exfoliating Wash

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Neostrata Skin Active Exfoliating Wash is a unique foaming cleanser that lightly exfoliates, without over-drying, preparing skin for optimal treatment benefits. The soap-free SynerG formulation completely removes oil and make-up without irritation. Gluconolactone and Maltobionic acid stimulate cell turn over removing debris from pores and enhancing skin texture and clarity. Maltobionic acid hydrates the skin and botanical complex soothes and refreshes.

Recommended for these concerns:
Pigmentation/brown marks and uneven skin tone; post acne marks/ blemishes; sun spots, ageing/fine lines and wrinkles; mature /Sun-damaged, large pores.

Recommended for these skin types:
Dry, normal/combination, oily

Active Ingredient:
SynerG formula 8.5, Polyhydroxy acids (Gluconolactone), Maltobionic acid, Botanical complex

Suitable for:
Male and female age 30 and older

When to use it:
Mornings and evenings

Application Area:
Face, neck and décolletage

125 ml

Wet the skin and pump a small amount of cleanser onto your hands. Gently work the cleanser onto the skin to a soft lather. Rinse off with water and pat dry. Continue with your skin care regimen. Use once or twice a day as tolerated.

May tingle with initial use. Discontinue or reduce use if irritation occurs.

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