Esthederm INTENSIVE Vitamine C2 Dual concentrate Serum


Concentrated – Reduced spots – Radiance – Smoothed micro-relief

The Esthederm INTENSIVE Vitamine C2 Dual concentrate Serum that combines two types of vitamin C to work continuously and visibly transform skin quality.

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Pure vitamin C is freshly activated at each use(extemporaneous product in dual-compartment bottle) for optimum efficacy.

Reduce pigmentation marks and restores evenness to skin Renew the complexion’s radiance for bright skin Smooth the skin’s micro-relief

Lightweight, sensory water-based emulsion. Fruity, floral, musky fragrance.

Key Facts

Serum – AM/PM


Skin Type:  All Types

Recommended skin concerns:

  • All skin types in need of lightening dark spots
  • lack of radiance, uneven skin tone
  • Great to use pre and post treatments.
  • Great for all skin types 
  • Dark spots, dull and irregular complexion
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Aesthetic medicine: product to use as a follow-up to depigmentation treatments such as lasers, peels, liquid nitrogen

Key Ingredients : 

  • MINERAL SALTS (components of NMFs – natural moisturizing factors) 
  • CARNOSINE (antioxidant)
  • ATP (energy)
  • ASCORBIC ACID (pure vitamin c) 10% > IMMEDIATE ACTION
  • ASCORBYL GLUCOSIDE (vitamin C derivative) 2% > LONG-LASTING ACTION

Direction of use

Apply 1 pump morning and evening to face and Neck. Keep the top on. Remove the protective Sheet. Firmly press the flexible button 2 times. Shake 15 seconds before each use. Remove the cover. Press the flexible button to dispense the product.


Use as prescribed by your skincare professional.