Neostrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy Serum

Neostrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy (new packaging)

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Neostrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy is an advanced SynerG formulation aimed at building and plumping the delicate skin in the eye area. Apple Stem Cell Extract protects the longevity of the skin cells, while Peptides stimulate collagen production. NeoGlucosamine reinforces collagen’s surrounding support structure and inhibits tyrosinase reducing the appearance of dark circles. Caffeine helps to reduce puffiness while Hyaluronic acid acts as a natural moisture magnet. Vitamin E provides antioxidant benefits. The result is that the eye area appears lifted with more even skin tone and crow’s feet are smoothed out. This product is ophthalmologist-tested.

Recommended for these concerns:
Crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, mature/sun damaged

Recommended for these skin types:
Normal/combination, dry, oily

Active Ingredient:
SynerG 8, Apple stem cell extract, Peptides,NeoGlucosamine, caffeine, Vitamin E

Suitable for:
Male and female, age 30 and older

When to use it:
Mornings and evenings

Application Area:
Eye area


Apply to area around eyes in the mornings and evenings after cleansing the skin. Apply a small amount and pat gently into the skin around the eye. We recommend a gradual introduction of this product. Use every third night initially, then alternate nights and every night as tolerated. Use once daily at night for at least two weeks before increasing gradually to twice daily. This product does not contain a sunscreen. We recommend using a sunscreen every day while using this product and reapplication in the day while out in sun for prolonged periods of time. Best used together with Skin Active products.

May tingle with initial use due to active ingredients. Try not to get into the eye. If contact with eye occurs, flush eye with water. Can cause puffiness and irritation if applied too close to the lash lines due to active ingredients. If irritation develops, discontinue or reduce use.

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